Friday, February 09, 2007

The Scan

The scan went very well.

It turns out that our number four child is to also be our number four son! It was very clear - definately not a shy child...

At one point they got a stunning image of the front of his face - it didn't look like a skull, but like one of those in-uterine camera shots that you see on the tv sometimes. We saw his face so clearly (poor lad has got his Dad's nose...) and he is beautiful!

All measurements fine, date given now of 5th June, everything working well.

The little fellow was very active (he's barely stopped moving the past 2 days!) and kept changing position as the lady tried to view him! He turned over completely, crossed and uncrossed his legs, stretched them out, folded them back.. Obviously a man of God, as the first image showed him clasping his hands together in front of his face, as if he was praying!

All in all it was very moving.

Whilst there was an element of sadness that, it seems, I am not destined to have girl, I did feel a huge burden lift off of my shoulders. I was so scared that, if it was a girl, it would prove too much for me emotionally to know that Dad's longed for grandaughter had come along after his death...

God knows best, and I came out of the hospital feeling quite positive. We went on to do the shopping and I looked at the shelves and felt HUNGRY for the first time in more than 4 months!

On the home ed front, Samuel spent some more time on html, then building his card dalek set with his Dad, and Joshua and I did another unit of science. Need to find more ways of engaging William.

It's been a long week, it seems, and I think I'm ready for this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Glad the scan went well, they are quite detailed now.

IndigoShirl said...

So glad all is well with the baby...:0)

BWs, Shirl

Lin said...

Wow, how exciting it must be to see your baby in so much detail.

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Wonderful news, must have been a very special moment. Elle

Hazel said...

Aaaah, sounds like a wonderful scan experience :o) Seems like yesterday when I had my 20 week scan. I only have 5 or so weeks left now!
Hazel. xxx