Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On a purely personal note..

This is a very personal blog entry, nothing to do directly with HE.

I think I mentioned before that Roarke, my husband, has decided to do the London Triathlon?

Well today he took his first steps (as it were!), and has set up a blog - The Terrified Triathlete. Do go and have a look. It tells WHY he is doing this, and what he hopes to acheive by raising money in sponsorship.

He's also set up a page on Just Giving, so that people can make online donations.

So is this an appeal? Disguised as a post? Don't know really if I'm honest. All I know is that his WHY is really my WHY, and even typing this makes me cry..

Somehow, considering blogs are such a very public place to be in, they can feel very private at times. This is a big thing in my life, and therefore I cannot not write about it here.

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