Thursday, February 01, 2007

Getting there - slowly

This morning each of the boys settled down fairly happily to some work, as they are trying to build back up to a clear, recognisable two hours a day.

Although they can chose WHAT they learn, at the moment we are giving them a helping hand (especially Samuel).

Joshua worked again on his English, and read a science book. Samuel practised and wrote out his two and three times tables. William sat down to read with his Dad.

Roarke went off to register with some agencies, whilst I looked (unsuccessfully) for a hairdressers that I thought I could trust/would like in Bromley. A quick lunch out, then back home where I settled down to some work on the computer and he went out doing the catalogues.

After 2 1/2 hours at the pc I realised my feet had swollen up, so I had to put them up for the next hour!

Had a link come through for a good punctuation game - Punctuation Paintball!

I'm hoping to interest Joshua, as I want to get him to read Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

I really think it is a fabulous book and a very easy way to "learn" about punctuation. I've even got Roarke reading it and going "I didn't know that!".

I think Joshua would see the humour and be able to understand it well enough. He's already read the back cover and keeps telling everyone the joke!

My legs are seriously aching again now, so I think I'll need to drag myself away from the pc and get an early night.

Tomorrow we are off to Hall Place with the group for two Tudor workshops, which I am looking forward to. At least with Roarke at home I feel I can go with them, as I've missed out on the last few outings.

Next week we are at the British Library, which I am even more excited about (sad bunny) as I love that place!

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Lin said...

So glad you were safe yesterday, what an terrifying experience that must have been.

Hope your legs feel better soon, I had a similar problem with baby number 6 (M) and the midwife used to visit and say helpful things like "you must rest and keep your legs raised for hours every day". Hmm, now let me see, mum to 5 kids, rest...