Thursday, January 18, 2007

There she blows!

Well, it's been a bit blowey today, hasn't it?!

I woke at 1.30am with a migraine - by 6 I'd given up and sat up downstairs as it hurt for my head to even tough a pillow. By about 9 I could at least see again... now I just feel drained.

However, what didn't help was the wind - in the afternoon Samuel came running downstairs to tell us the "satallite had fallen down". Once we realised that sputnik hadn't landed, we understood that the tv aerial had blown off its pole, and was now swinging on the cable, bouncing between his bay window and our neighbours' upstairs window.

Poor Roarke got home at that point - to be asked nicely if he minded going up a ladder, to the edge of the roof, in winds gusting 70+, to get the aerial down.

To his credit, he only said something once about having no life insurance, and the house insurance claim being cheaper....

He managed to get it down ok (seems to have improved the reception!) but whilst I was holding the ladder, one of our fence panels ripped away in front of my very eyes!

I found the pieces - and I mean pieces! - half way down the side of the house, neatly stacked against the rest of the fence. I guess we are lucky - the fence is actually over 200 ft long so one panel is a lot worse than it could have been. The fence is still the one that survived the 1987 storm. Apart from a few flower pots, and the kids table and our garden furniture being overturned, we are so far ok otherwise.

I hope all of you out there in the UK managed to survive unscathed?


Emma said...

I seem to have missed that you're expecting too, so congratulations!!
When's baby due?
My little one is due on 6th May, and it can't come soon enough!
I'm sorry to read that you've had problems. I've also had bleeding with this pregnancy, and it's so scary and horrid, so I can empathise completely with the worry and the horrid sickness too!!

I see you do lots of gluten-free baking. I'm a coeliac so spend much of my time doing the same, lol.

I look forward to keeping up to date with your pregnancy.
Take care. x

Linda said...

The wind down here hasn't been anything like as bad as you have it, thank goodness.

Glad your DH managed to get the aerial down without getting blown away too :-)

Anonymous said...

We haven't had it so bad here in the borders but I do hope you and your family are okay and the weather settles down soon.

Anonymous said...

Next door lost a fence panel but no serious damage here. But we seem to have a garden full of rubbish!

Thanks for the World Book Day info - we missed out last year.