Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snow Lessons

Well, hurrah, we have snow! Only about an inch and a half, but that's enough.

We woke the boys early, and told Samuel it was an early birthday present from God (ahh!). He's always wanted snow on his birthday (which is tomorrow).

Needless to say, breakfast was taken quickly!

We make quite a thing of wrapping the kids up - its not that I'm overprotective, just that I want them to be as happy for as long as possible - and we all remember that being hard, as kids, when your hands are numb and your socks wet!

So, plastic gloves (from the garages, you know the ones), then their wooly gloves, then scarves, wooly hats, hoods up on coats, coats, plastic bags on their feet (yes!) then into their boots.

They've been out there now for an hour and a half! They are at the desperate stage of looking for "new" snow that's not been touched (ah, takes me back to my youth!) and are currently getting their Dad to clean the snow of the cars for them!

Said Dad is just about to negotiate the ladder to put the aerial up!

I've made Samuel's cake (well, its in the oven) and then I've got to produce a sonic the hedgehog in 3d for the top of it... Samuel found my cake decorating books! Still, the first suggestion he had was a Wallace & Gromit cake, with both the characters sitting in armchairs... Don't think gluten free cake is up to being sculptured into chairs (and don't think Mum is capable of making characters out of icing...)

That's my challenge, anyway, for later today!

I took some lovely ironic photos, contrasting my lads in the snow:

and the poor kids off to the school over the road in it:

On the learning front, Samuel had one of his days yesterday when he just got up and decided to "learn". After he'd done his emails, he did some pacmath, then went onto a music teaching site, then did some history! All online, but all off his own initiative, which is significant. Joshua spent some time on Headline History, and did some more of his english.

In the afternoon we went to the indoor play area and the kids all had a good time with their friends, whilst we adults put the world to rights, as usual! Only down spot was me managing to get the nearside wing mirror clonked - the glass stayed intact but the casing didn't!

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Lin said...

Oooh, I'm so envious, we rarely get snow down here in Devon.

I can't get the video to work though (probably me being a bit thick today)