Friday, January 26, 2007


Samuel had a great day yesterday. I've still got to upload the photos.

In the morning he had a cooked breakfast as a change (his idea), then he opened his presents. The big Eddie Stobart depot was as much of a hit as we thought it would be!

Later on in the morning he had a number of his HE friends over for a party. We had 11 children between the ages of 2 and 11 - can only happen in the world of HE! Sooo much nicer than his old school days parties with 15+ kids of his age...

In fact, it made me think - in the "old days" of extended families, gatherings with such an age range was more usual. I remember family parties as a child - there were always kids running in and out of all ages.

But now, our families move, fall out, change, split.. and it seems that our children just don't get that sort of interaction anymore. I know mine would not, if it was not for the home education community.

Anyway, we had a great time, and I'll show the results of the 10.30pm cake icing marathon when I get the photo out of the camera!

I must admit, doing the catering for adults too (though Roarke made a fabulous soup for us all) was exhausting. I was on my feet from 8am till gone 4pm and my ankles were HUGE by then!

I actually ended the day in tears - you know when you are that exhausted that it seems all just TOO MUCH?! then I felt awful as I didnt' want Samuel feeling guilty.

Oh, and Joshua and Samuel got their hair cut - and they look fabulous! Samuel has grown in front of us. He is so proud of his new tendy hair style. He told us that a "new Samuel" was going to wake up on his birthday, bless him.

To give him credit, despite having gluten at the chinese meal we took him for Wednesday night, as a treat, his behaviour was brilliant - a "new" young man indeed! In fact, Joshua and William have been TERRIBLE by comparison!

Ah well, the joys of children.

I'm so blessed though, truly. They are such fun to watch and be with. I will ever be grateful for the opportunity to home educate, because of all this precious time it is allowing me with my boys.


Lin said...

Glad Samuel had such a lovely party.

Lin said...

Oops, I deleted the part that said 'Happy Birthday' to him to reword it and then forgot to put it back in - sorry! ...


Tibetan Star said...

Happy Birthday to Samuel ;-)

Emma said...

Oh, I hope Samuel had a great birthday - the same day as mine!!

Hope you and the baby are doing okay. x