Saturday, December 23, 2006

Scam Warning - London City Couriers

Now I consider myself fairly savvy when it comes to scams - particularly internet so called virus warnings - but today I found myself caught by one.

We had a re-directed card through the door from London City Couriers saying that they had tried to deliver a parcel to us (at our old address).

The card had not contact details other than a number. I tried calling it but it said the number was not in service.

Searching on the internet, I found a notice from someone posted two days ago, warning that this is a scam.

They said: "Tried directory enquiries and they came up with city of london couriers so thought i'd give that a go.The lady that answered informed me that they were nothing to do with the company in question and that they had received over 500 calls that day and the police had been called in. The number on the card is a premium rate number that charges between £1.50 to £15.00 per minute! Luckily she said that when I tried calling them it said number not in service which meant I hadnt been charged. "

I've made a note to check my next phone bill, just in case.

So be warned - this is obviously a current scam and, whilst I hope that the number being out of service meant that the police have closed them down, it is better to be safe than sorry and not to call the number.

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Charlie said...

I got one of these as well last week! I didnt call the number as I figured if it was a proper courier company they would have tried to deliver a package not just send a card in the post.
I rang Consumer Direct and they said they'd make a note of it but am also going to contact Trading Standards, it seems as if a lot of people seem to be getting these cards, I reckon they have done this just before christmas hoping that people will be so busy and rushed theyll call it anyway thinking its a present for them!
How mean!