Thursday, December 15, 2005

Life Time Learning

Today was another day when our Historian visited. He spoke about transport, from back in Roman times.

We had three lots of children taking part, plus parents! In fact, some of most interest came from the parents - proving that you are never too late to learn! One mum sat through the presentation five times, asking different questions

We have been very blessed having the volunteer working with us. Sadly, next week will be his last as he will be taking up a full time position in the new year - great for him, but a huge loss for us. Still, it has stimulated a lot of learning amongst some of the children which we can build upon in the future.

As our support group grows, it is proving to be a real privilege to watch friendships growing and developing amongst the children and the parents.

We seem to be very much in wind-down mode in the run up to Christmas and it is not easy to get the kids to focus. However, I can't help but compare this year to last - this is our first HE Christmas and it is very precious to me to have the whole family together all day, and to share these Advent days with my children. How did I ever manage to part with them?!

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