Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thankful Heart

Thanks for all the lovely good wishes and comments - they have really cheered me.

Things have improve over the past 24hrs which is great. Less bleeding, and less pain. I decided to tell everyone at church today as I felt I needed the prayer support. Two of the Elders prayed for me after the service and I feel very uplifted because of it.

I am trying to take it easy - honest! Roarke is a star and doing all that he can, without complaining. I hate watching him do all the stuff though - I feel so useless.

However, I have managed to bake a gluten free loaf and make some breakfast bars for my brother, make two birthday cakes for Joshua (the first one I misread the recipe and, er, it didn't work! Tasted lovely with syrup and ice cream, but didn't cut it as a cake!), and make the final arrangements for the HE group trip to the Royal Mews next week, when we are taking a group of sixty HEers!

I've caught up with the people I used to "know" on the BabyCentre boards, which I joined when I was expecting William. Lovely to be remembered, and welcomed back after all these years "away" and great to see the community still going. It really is a great site and one that I found very informative and useful before.

Very conscious that I am behind on my website, behind on my work for Roarke's new business, behind on my planning for the group - just generally behind!

To anyone who is expecting anything from me - sorry. I will catch up with stuff eventually, honestly!


Lady Liberty said...

I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. So much responsiblity for your eldest. He seems to be taking it well. And please rest.

IRENE said...

This is so good news. There is nothing as important as bringing a new baby to life, so please do not worry. Nobody is judging you, and whoever does, is not worth caring about.

Amanda said...

Take it easy and do as your body says, rest if you need to. Take care.