Thursday, October 05, 2006

Grey Day

We seem to be in the final stages - finally! - of the house sale. We hope this weekend to get the rest of the house emptied, including dismantling the shed, with the help of some friends from church.

A friend of mine has just discovered she has Intramural fibroids, and I would really value prayer for her, for strength and peace at the moment, particularly as she has a young family.

Today I've been experimenting again with some gluten free recipes, and getting to grips with sorting out how to ensure that, when I bake for my brother, I make sure there is no cross contamination with gluten. I'm struggling to find tapioca flour - to buy it online is unworkable due to delivery charges, so if you live near a good health food shop that sells it, let me know and I'll gladly pay you to send it to me!

The boys have been reasonably ok today - we went off to Petts Wood library today, for a change, and Samuel was pleased to have found 5 more train books that he'd never read :0)

Joshua is struggling I think to get his head around his brother having "needs". It must be extra hard - being the eldest and therefore always expected to "know better", help more, make allowances for younger siblings, and now on top of that being more and more conscious that Samuel needs even more allowances made. We are trying to plan out how he can have some special time with us over the coming weeks, and in the run up to his birthday in a few weeks time as he is right - we have focused a lot on Samuel recently and I can undertand why it is tough for him.

We were planning to have an outdoor Jeans for Genes event tomorrow but it appears we have been rained off, which is a pity.

Other than that, a bit of a wash out of a day. I've had a sinus headache today and haven't really felt in the mood for much. I think I feel a bit in limbo with the house sale and I just need to get it all over and done with.

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stef_n_dawniy said...

mmm we're having more grey days now the nights are drawing in . Being the oldest can be hard can't it.