Monday, October 30, 2006

Friends and Furniture

Today my sister-in-law's parents flew in from Hungary. They'll be coming here for a meal at the weekend, so it was a good reason to dig out some German resources today.

Joshua enjoyed doing one of the Beginners Units from the German Index, getting 100% on the first "Hallo" one. Samuel was persuaded to do some of the games on Voyage Kids, and also revising his numbers.

Joshua has been watching an hour a day of the history programmes recorded this month from the BBC Secondary TV. He's covered diverse subjects such as the French Revolution, Slavery, World War 1, and a whole range of other topics. It seems to work really well for him, and he usually watches them with his Nan.

Our climbing frame arrived today! Apparently it will take 2 adults 8 hours to assemble. Doesn't say how long it will take one pregnant (meant to be resting) lady and her husband on shifts...

Needless to say we'll not hear the last of it until it is put up!

We also managed to buy a corner "home office" set up this morning from MFI. Once baby is here we'll need to have rearranged our bedroom to accomodate our furniture, the cot, and the pc, filing cabinets, desk and other home business stuff. Hence the corner office. It was the cheapest in the range, but should just about tie in with the new bed and wardrobes.

Feels odd to be spending money. That probably sounds daft, but we've not bought any major furniture since we got married 13 years ago. Other than 2 computer desks, and the boys cabin beds, everything else is either 13+ years old, given to us, bought from eBay, or (most recently) from Freecycle. We've never bought a suite! Our first house had my old sofa bed and two armchairs that were my grandad's. Our second house, we got given 2 suits, second and third hand whilst we were there (and one came here with us). So a new sofa is very exciting! Sad, isn't it?!

This afternoon we had Rebekah and the kids over. Yet again, I was so impressed with the way that eight children managed to play nicely, with no fights, arguements, broken bones, and the only shouting came from William and from her youngest - both of who seem only able to shout! Comes from being the youngest I guess! Nice afternoon, very much what I needed.

Very tired now though. Yesterday I managed 30 minutes sleep on William's bed whilst he played on his Pooh Bear pc game, and when I woke I felt like a new person! I managed to make some gluten free flapjacks, and an enchilada pie for dinner from scratch! However, no such burst of energy today!

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