Monday, September 18, 2006

Starting a new week

This morning it was time to do some washing, and some planning. I was recently recommended to get "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons", which I managed to find on eBay. It looks great - I'm just not convinced that I am good enough to commit to doing it properly.

I pointed out to Joshua today that total strangers make more use of my Resources than he does, so he took the hint and spent some time browsing the links. Some he enjoyed today included Smog City, the Farm Trail, and a new site I found today, SeaWorld fun sites.

I also put together a list of European resources, drawn from stuff produced by MyEurope.

For ideas on where to go next month, The Big Draw Event, organised by the Campaign for Drawing, has a lot of good events taking place - have a look through their list of events to find one near to you.

On a slightly political note, The Good Childhood Inquiry - being organised by the Children's Society - is asking children and young people, parents, professionals and other adults to tell them what we think makes for a good childhood in the UK today.

This seems too good an opportunity to miss, for the HE community to add our experiences - and those of our children - to this research.

Here are the links:

· Children and young people (under 18)
· Adults (18 and over)
· Professionals working with children and young people

Thanks for all your kind comments about the boy's video - they're really proud of themselves reading what people have said, so thank you all!

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Lucy said...

Ooh yes - we;ll have a go at those surveys later. Will give them e mention in the blog too :)