Thursday, September 21, 2006

Meadow Meanders

Today was a lovely, relaxing day.

As the weather was nice we decided to take advantage and get out and about. We met another HE family by the Tescos in Footscray and then drove to Footscray Meadows.

On the way, we saw two more Eddie Stobart lorries at the Cola/Schweppes factory there - necessitating more dubious car driving - which Samuel was very pleased about.

We had never been to the Meadows before and were taken aback as to how big, and how beautiful an open space it is. We took our Sainsbury sports stuff and good use was made of the relay batons (as goal markers...) and of the balls (something to throw into the stinging nettles...)

Talking of which, a learning experience was had with a practical, hands on demonstration of the healing properties of dock leaves ;0)

We had taken welly boots, expecting the boys to have a splash around. Joshua and their friend built a small dam, and Samuel enjoyed throwing stones around.

William obviously felt secure in his wellies - and went in up to his middle! It really didn't seem to dawn on him that if he went in deeper than the top of his wellies, they wouldn't protect him! Fortunately, I had the foresight to have taken him a complete change of clothes - which he definately needed!

After a (heated) game of football (which appeared to consist of everone versus Roarke) we all came back here for lunch. The two sets of children (all boys!) played well together, and it enabled us parents to chat and get to know each other.

I've started recording the secondary schools programming from the Learning Zone on BBC, now that I have received my programme guide. Now all I need to do is remember to get the children to watch the programmes...

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Jules said...

The "remember to get the cildren to watch the programmes" bit made me smile. I remember my first year of Home Ed, when I sat down with my newly received programme guide courtesy of the BBC and planned out all the topics and programmes I thought we could make use of. Sadly, despite best efforts, we never found the time to fit them in...