Sunday, September 24, 2006

Long weekend

Feeling a bit under the weather with a cold at the moment so everything seems a bit grey.

On Friday we split the boys up for part of the day to give each of them some time doing their own thing. Joshua went to spend time with another lad nearly the same age as him, and we had a good time. I have to remember to let him "grow up" and be exposed to older things more often.

Samuel was due to go train spotting but it was raining hard to Roarke instead took him Stobart spotting - which meant sitting in the car in the rain outside the Cola/Schweppes depot for an hour! They spotted one, so that was something!

William meanwhile spent an hour "doing learning" with Nan. I'm hoping to start the reading lessons soon - we are thinking of having Roarke work through them with him instead of me. I must admit it would be nice - nearly all of the learning is down to me and it would be nice to hand some responsiblity over.

I can't actually think what we did on Saturday, which is a bit worrying! I blame it on the cold..

Tried some new gluten free recipes today, and made some nice rock cakes. As soon as I've added the recipe to our family cookbook, I'll post the link.

Church this morning was good - they've relaunched their website, so if you want to see all about our church, click here!

This afternoon the boys looked at some bits in preparation for Tuesday's visit to the London Aquarium, including their own worksheets, worksheets from SeaLife and some online activities from Monteray Bay Aquarium.

Joshua has also been watching the UKTV History Natural History weekend, with the back to back Blue Planet programmes. Very timely!

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