Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Yesterday we had L and kids up for lunch, and then we all went round to T's. Between us we had 6 kids between (nearly) 2 and 10, but they all seemed to get on well enough. It was nice to have a chat with the ladies - and we covered a wide range of topics!

This morning Joshua and Samuel went to the library to report on another 2 books in their Reading Mission. They have both, in fact, read all 6 but can only report on 2 at a time - and I keep forgetting to take them down there.

Afterwards, Roarke took them over to Crofton Roman Villa for a drop in session on mosaics. They brought home some lovely mosaic creations (using square stickers, stampers, etc on cardboard squares as "tiles").

Today's "unforeseen circumstance" was the (big) car failing the MOT (well ok, not so unforeseen really!). In the afternoon, therefore, Roarke spent the usual entertaining few hours trying to "just" change the oil and fuel filters, and get a new tire.

Whilst he was otherwise engaged, I showed the boys the benefit of my years of experience in creating camps in this garden (!). The result of my creation is below:

The rest of the afternoon was spent happily playing with my creation (er, the boys played, not me, honest!)

I took the opportunity to catch up with some website work I had, helping another home education group to put together a website.

Now I'm off to settle what sounds like the end of the world upstairs, with all the lads yelling and Roarke yelling even louder...

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Anonymous said...

I like the tents. :-) I hope the car gets fixed up soon.