Friday, July 28, 2006

A time to heal

Prayers would be valued for us, Roarke especially.

His sarcoid has been developing to the point where it seems that the granulomas appear to be gathering in his lungs. He is very short of breath, and the GP has sent him to have a chest xray to confirm this. Secondly - and even more worryingly - there is a fear they are gathering in his heart as he is suffering arrhythmia. His pulse is erratic, his blood pressure all over the place, and it is causing considerable distress.

He's been signed off for another 2 weeks, so we are currently surviving on £140 a week for a family of 5. Bearing in mind that we are, till the house sells, currently running bills on 2 houses (debts on the old, expenses on the new), this is not good at all.

On a more positive note, both yesterday and today we met up with new Home Edding families, both very nice, and the kids all enjoyed making new friends.

I also finished the last of my meetings with our local LAs, spending 2 hours in with Bromley.

These meetings have been very useful, and I hope to see some real positive outcomes from them over the following weeks/months.

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Deb said...

Poor Roarke - and what a stress for the whole family! Will be thinking of you all.