Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In the Navy

Today was our visit to HMS Belfast. We spent no less than four and a half hours on board and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The kids were brilliant - even the four year olds managed all that walking without whinging.

The opening educational session was great.

Samuel got to try on the outfit that the crew wore in the artic, when escorting the conveys to Russia. When it was wet, and then froze, it became unbearably heavy. I think Samuel found it heavy enough! And yes, they really did used to use their thick woolen socks as scarves!

William and B got to try out semaphore - with William managed to mix semaphore with baton twirling.

We all enjoyed the various "scenes" recreated around the ship. Stan really managed to provide us with a fabulous running commentary on the whole ship and its history.

All in all, a great time, and we all learnt loads.

As a postscript - the boys had been given some spending money by Nanny for souvenirs.

Can anyone tell me why William chose to buy a fake RAT?!!

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