Wednesday, June 28, 2006

William's Birthday

Yesterday was a very pleasant, family day. William opened his presents in the morning and was very pleased with them.

He had mainly constuction toys, being very into making "robots" at the moment! He was also mightily pleased with the animal ballons - in fact I think all 3 boys played more with the ballons yesterday than anything else!

Late morning we met up with the other homeschooling family in our church, at the local park. It was brilliant to make a new, local "connection". The boys we met with are 12 and 10, so ideal ages for Joshua. Samuel is still showing the effects of the gluten and we are still needing to make allowances for him. He didn't mix in so well with the other boys, but I hope that was just because of where he is this week.

For lunch we had "party food", and the boys didn't seem to notice that it was just them, and no one else for the "party" - they certainly managed to eat all the food themselves!

In the afternoon we left Joshua and Samuel with Nan, and Roarke and I spent some good one on one time with William, taking him out to spend some birthday money that he had been given. He is such a funny, happy chap that it is always a delight to be with him. We treated him to a drink out at a cafe and he offered to share it with us "because I want to do something nice for you Mummy and you Daddy, to make you extra happy". What a darling!

For dinner we had tacos (continuing our world tour of food) and all made a delightful mess making our own. Good job I had the get-it-out-3-times-a-year-plastic-birthday-table-cloth on!

Then, it was off to cell church. Being the early one, that is held fortnightly so that the children can take part, was handy as it meant that William got more birthday wishes and was prayed for by the other children.

Roarke has had his shift for today swapped for a late, so we are hopefully off shortly to "do something"!

Something else - Joshua decided to join the Press Packers for the BBC's Newsround. I am so pleased with him - it will be a great source of English learning for him and will also give him good feedback.

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