Sunday, June 11, 2006

Summer Relaxation

In the warm summer sunshine, the family has been slowly unwinding this week. The heat has slowed me down which, whilst it means my list of things to do seems to be growing, I am being forced to relax a bit which is doing me the world of good really.

On Friday one of the young families that we are friends with from our HE group came up by train to see us, and the five children spent all afternoon in the pool and bouncy castle! It was great to see them all getting on - the joy and benefit of home education, with 18 months to 10 years old all getting on and enjoying each others' company.

Yesterday was another very pleasant day. In the morning I managed to pop out, with Roarke, to do a few bits of clothes shopping for the boys. The French farmers market was in Orpington, so I managed to also sneak a crepe!

After a light lunch, when Roarke then left for work, I took the boys into our next door neighbours. They had a big projection screen set up for the world cup game, and had laid on a barbecue. We spent 4 hours round there, then popped back for a break, before returning (with my Mum as well) for another 2 hours!

I brought the boys back home for bed, then - when he got in from work - Roarke and I went back in for another 2 hours!

The highlight of the day was the four or five compliments that I received from people about the boys. I was complimented on how polite, and how very well behaved all three were. William is always a hit, being exceptionally cute, but my other two lads were brilliant as well and got on well with all the adults.

I had several conversations about home education, and also managed to chat with two old friends from my junior school days. It made a great change to be out for so much of the day, and I was so very proud of the boys.

Today we are off to another barbecue with our cell church, after the morning service!

Being surrounded by people, making new friends and remembering old, as well as still keeping the few friends we had before, is very healing. We're starting to feel less alone, and being back in Christian fellowship is priceless.

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Steph said...

These sound like wonderful summer days. You all are creating terrific memories. :-)