Thursday, June 01, 2006

Quantum Hedges

Today's task was to cut the privet hedge. As you may see from the photo I showed a number of days ago, of our garden here, that was no small undertaking! Some 150 foot long, over 12 foot high... it has taken Roarke and I 9 hours to cut it inside, out and top. The boys helped with putting the clippings into bags (36 in total!) to take to the dump.

Learning opportunities involved science (the difference in colour between the leaves on the outside of the hedge, and the inside where little light reached), lifecycles, how the hedge could support Dad's weight because of its density.

Over dinner, we got onto the subject of quantum mechanics - one of my favourite subjects - and I had the task of explaning it to Joshua. We also discussed the invention of the light bulb, and then discussed all the new technologies that had come into being since Roarke and I had been married (12 years).

After dinner, I found in one of our packing boxes a video with William's first Christmas (at 6 months old), Samuel's 5th birthday party, their first sports day at school, a Santa Special Christmas ride on the Bluebell Railway, and our holiday in France 3 years ago.

It was very poignant as I did not realise until it came on screen that the Santa Special video was there, as it showed my Dad with William - they always had a special bond. Seeing him "in the flesh" was really too much for me at this stage.

Now its time for a hot bath to soothe our aching muscles!

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