Friday, June 16, 2006

History and Architecture

This morning the boys watched Primary History, learning about the vikings and the anglo-saxons.

Joshua then went online to study about the Aztecs, and then Samuel viewed the free videos on BrainPop on heat, and the international space station.

As my sister-in-law is an Architect, I thought we'd make the most of it being the 10th Achitecture Week. I'd really recommend checking the link out - the educational activities are brilliant and would work just as well for my American readers as for those here in the UK. The boys and I started on the first two basic activities and they thoroughly enjoyed them.

We are both looking forward to doing the Treasure Hunt one - a brilliant idea I thought.

After dinner this evening Roarke and I drove down to Chatham to fit a carpet that we received via Freecycle. Such a blessing - it fitted our entire hallway, in all directions, and has totally changed the entrance of the house.

I've now got a splitting headache, from the penicillin I'm on for my foot, so off to bed early.

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Steph said...

This sounds fascinating and fun. :-)