Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Workbook, sinks and new friends

Today the boys, independently, managed an hour and a half of written work each, which made me very proud. Without even the schools programmes (half term) on the television, it was good to see that they knuckled down to work.

We had been due to go to the Park with our group, but a blocked sink here put an end to that as it was a higher priority to get that sorted.

Mum and I continued with our gardening efforts, having now landscaped the front garden to allow for two cars to be parked on the driveway. Considerable, hard work – not bad for a 64 year old nanny and a 36 year old mum! Woman power!

This evening, I spent a pleasant half hour talking to a new enquirer from our home schooling website. An extra blessing was the fact that the lady was a Christian.

Early to bed now I think – Roarke is watching the England match – as I’m not sleeping very well still.

Tomorrow – I hope – I get my broadband back. And then.. further progress I hope towards normality.

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