Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Catching Up

I can't believe I haven't posted in Saturday. Things have been rather crazy though, plus I've been at my Mum's so much and she doesn't have broadband.

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Angelstar - if you read this, I'm unable to comment on your blog - is it not set to allow them? It asks me to log in, but even after I registered and logged in, it still wouldn't let me! It seems as if only you can comment on your own blog! Is that right? Steph, thanks for keeping me updated with your blog links! I hope you manage to settle this time and that it works for you.

Any ex-HSB members reading this, I was warned that they are deleting unused blogs, and I posted a message about my feelings on this on my old blog there. I then got an official response from the Senior Editor: "Blogging at least once a month will avoid the HSB system's deleting process. We hope that will help you to preserve your past entries". Of course, you may be happy to lose your old blog, which is understandable, but just in case you wanted to keep it, that information may be of use to you.


Anonymous said...

Dont know why you cant post on my blog but I fiddled with the settings so you can see if that works. Am not happy about HSB deleting blogs actually, but I printed all mine off so I could keep them- a long winded job!!

Alice said...

I'm glad you can keep your blog at HSB - personally I would hate to lose mine! I have this one saved to my favourites though so I can keep visiting.
It's great that your Dad is doing better, though as you say, now is when it catches up with you. I heard today that my Dad moves into a care home either tomorrow or the day after, which made me sad although I know it's for the best. You think you've done the coping, then the emotions catch up! Ah well.
All the best for your battle with the LEA - there is plenty of HE discussion around here about local authorities overstepping the mark, too.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting that there are tons of old blogs that have not been updated since 2005, but are still on the site...but there is no mention in those blogs of anything negative about the Pearls.

I think this is a case of selective deletion.

3PartHarmony on HSB, but I've pretty much moved to Live Journal because of the Pearl issue. ;)