Monday, March 27, 2006

Mother's Day, and birthday parties

Yesterday was a pleasant day. The boys had given their Dad some money from their moneyboxes to buy me a mother's day present. He'd chosen a Mothers Day mug with a cute little bear in it, saying "best mum". Very kitch, very cute, but S declared "its perfect!" when he saw what his Dad had managed to get. They'd written a card too.

We'd got up early and had dropped Roarke at work at 9am then went round to my Mum's. I gave her my card and gift - though I know for her, at the moment, my company for the day was the gift that she wanted. I took her out shopping (with W), leaving J and S looking after my Dad.

We had a nice lunch together, and then in the afternoon my brother and his wife called by, with her parents, and baby Thomas. We all got a chance for a cuddle, before we left to come home - collecting Roarke from work on the way (6pm).

This morning, the boys had their tv chosen for them, as per their "consequence" of their behaviour on Friday. Amongst other things today, they watched "Sorted" on Discovery Kids (looking at fast food), "Gross" - also on DK (blood and scabs!), and then a Crocodile Files all about snakes.

S then settled down further to watch half an hour of Revisewise on CBBC on english.

After lunch, we went to the library and found some great learning German books from the children's section. We then went to B's 4th birthday party, where the kids had great fun (we stayed 3 3/4 hours!).

We collected Roarke from the station (he'd taken the train so we had the car today) it was bathtime for the boys. Poor W is not well - he was very obviously off colour at the party which everyone commented on. His eye lids, and under his eyes, are red/almost purple. He's not complained of any symptons other than feeling tired, so we'll wait and see.

Dad is down for his endoscopy tomorrow morning at 9.30am, then more waiting for the results. Still, I pray that the end of all this uncertainty is in sight now.

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