Sunday, March 19, 2006

European Exchanges

This morning we went to my Mum's (taking our Flats with us to see Orpington).

All the way up the boys were practising their German. I'd given them several key phrases to learn which they tested each other on in the car.

My sister-in-law's Father was very touched and pleased to see the effort that they had made and asked them to help him learn the English for the phrases whilst they were there. They were each correcting each other's pronunciation, which was brilliant. The boys also learnt some Hungarian nouns with his wife. All in all we spent a great, multilingual afternoon. I was very proud of my lads.

Their little nephew was looking bright - pictures to be posted soon. Just before we all left, the little chap was having his nappy changed and, like any 3 week old, crying his head off. Quite naturally, and unprompted, my three gathered around the pram and started quietly singing "rock a bye baby" to him, until he stopped crying. It was so very moving. They were unconscious of the fact that we were watching them and how it looked to us. Myself, my Mum, brother, sister-in-law and her parents were all very tearful. It was a truly magical moment.

A nice meal - all gf except for the stuffing (Dad and the boys didn't have any) and very tasty. Dad managed to try a little of 3 of the puddings, which was a joy to see.

When we got home we had some friends drop by to see us, which was nice.

It has been a very nice day all round - it would have been perfect if Roarke had been with us instead of at work but he had to leave for his shift just before my brother arrived.

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