Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thoughtful Thursday

My Mum has been on the phone all day, very excited about her new grandson and desperate to talk babies!

Dh went to see the Citizens Advice Bureau today, who are helping us sort out our finances. The gentleman said that, for us to be "so concerned" about our consumer debt was "admirable" because it was such a small amount (in his view). Apparently, the average consumer debt of the people that go to them for help is £50-60,000! No wonder he thought ours was so small. We are feeling a lot more positive having spoken to them, as they really seem to think that they can help us sort matters quickly and satisfactorily.

This morning J continued with making his Risk board game. He started making paper pieces, by rolling paper triangles around a lollipop stick, and then gluing it together. He then glued that to another, square piece of paper to make a base. Once that had dried, he then painted it all over with pva glue to help harden the pieces.

He then spent another 45 minutes on Brainpop. S also went on Brainpop for half an hour, learning about the underground trains used by the slaves. He really seemed interested (trains of course!) which was good.

At lunch we had a problem, as S had a meltdown over the gf diet. He has been refusing to eat anything if he knew it was gluten free. This had been building for over a week. Basically, he accused us of lying over gluten affecting him - saying not eating it was making him worse! This was all because he couldn't have a jam sandwich. It was very emotional, and quite distressing. We got through it, and the meltdown seems to have relieved the emotional pressure for him. He's been beautifully behaved all evening, tucking into his (gf) pasta and sauce. He then helped me make popcorn and all three boys settled down, lights dimmed, for a "movie". They chose to watch a Thomas movie which was lovely as it meant that W enjoyed it too.

The snow tried it's best, but turned to rain in the afternoon. It's due to freeze tonight, and snow again. I hope there is enough for them to play in, in the morning, at least.

I'm due to meet a researcher on Monday about stay at home mums, which could be interesting. I'll be interested to see what their remit is, and what the point of the programme would be.

W is chanting "we want a power cut, we want a power cut"! I must have succeeded yesterday in stopping him from feeling scared in the dark.


Alice said...

Hi and congrats on becoming an auntie!
You asked whether we're having any problems with the climate change programme - well, it slows things a little but mostly on opening/closing programmes. However, mine keeps resetting itself to the first day, which is exasperating. Having looked at the message boards I think this may sometimes be that it never gets long enough to run (it saves every six days) but as I once got it as far as Christmas, there must be some other glitch. I've decided not to try to sort it out till the boys are back at school because it gets turned off every time someone else wants a go on the computer.
I had a quick look at Brainpop - there seem to be lots of subjects on there! Do you think it would be too young for a twelve-year-old? Or suitable? I might give the fourteen-day trial a go next week (we're on half term).
Lots of sympathy over S's meltdown - we had to take H off certain foods for a while and he regarded it as punishment even though it was meant to help. Another friend has a son with diabetes and he pushes the boundaries with that, too. I suppose any restrictions on diet are bound to have repercussions. I do hope you're in for a smooth spell now, though!
Alice (flapjacks from

Anonymous said...

(((HUGS))) I can see my daughter "Anne" having the same sort of meltdowns if we take the plunge and try to GF/CF diet. Maybe they are kindred spirits:-).

I am glad you're getting such constructive help with the debt situation. I am amazed at what you were told about the average consumer debt. I don't know how that translates into U.S. dollars (I think a pound is worth more than a dollar), but that sounds even higher than the average debt here. By "consumer debt," I assume they mean credit cards and stuff, not mortgage?

We have serious debt problems, too. I mentioned that before. It is due to a combination of sloppy financial choices and simply trying to live on too little income to support our family. Thankfully, we now maintain a balanced budget. Several years ago, we enrolled with a credit counseling service which negotiated for lower interest rates and NO late fees or hidden costs on the credit cards. We are about halfway toward our goal of being completely free of debt, aside from the mortgage. It's not easy, but we believe it's the right thing to do :-)