Sunday, February 05, 2006

Flats, Hills and Tables

It took a lot of courage, and many hours of agonising, to decide to post one of my stories yesterday instead of my "usual" blog. I usually only write for myself - just to "get it out", so posting one on the web was quite daunting. Thank you to those who commented - both on and off line. Your encouragement was lovely.

This morning we got out as quickly as we could after breakfast to take our three Flat Travellers to Rochester. We took photos of the cathedral, castle, and Charles Dicken's writing house. Sadly, the Visitor Centre was closed so that means a return trip during the week to collect some leaflets and take more photos. A couple of elderly ladies questionned what we were doing (yes, we did look a bit odd) and thought the idea of the Flat Travellers was lovely! We got in a little plug for home education too!

I am part of the FreeRecycle Network in the UK, linking up people who would rather see something go to a good home, than the landfill site. Today we took possession of a beautiful dining room table and six chairs. Our one was very chipped, and we struggled to sit all five of us at it. We try to practice the gift of hospitality and it is difficult to find both chairs, and space at the table, for visiting diners.

This table has central legs, so no arguing over sitting "on a leg" and the chairs are comfortable and strong, and includes two charver chairs. A little kiss from God - the chairs are upholstered in the same colours as our dining room! A perfect match.

Now, as you know, there is nothing straightforward about any sort of housework... In order to have the table, we had to put the old (fold down) table in S & W's room for them to put on their computer (also received free via the recycle network). This meant not only tidying their room, but then taking out my grandfather's old bat wing chair which was in their room. To find a home for that, meant putting all my "to sell on eBay one day" boxes up in the loft, and tidying OUR bedroom, in order to clear a corner for the chair!

Towards the end of that task, our friends came over to go out for another walk. We revisited the Blue Bell Hill site, over the channel tunnel rail link, and then a brisk 1 1/2 round walk up and down the hill. We waited around to try and see a train (and take a photo to send back with our Flats), but gave up in the end - however just before we got back in our cars one whizzed by, and we caught a glimpse. But no photo - another return trip!

Home for a lovely family dinner at our new table, then haircuts all round for the boys.

We have certainly managed to fill dh's one day off - as usual!

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