Saturday, January 21, 2006

Weekend workday!

I caught up on lots of things today. Two loads of washing, some gardening, cleaning the windows, emails, some work on some of my websites, and cleaning the car.

Dh and I were so caught up in what we were doing that when we looked at the clock we realised he should have left for work 5 minutes previously.

Ds2 helped me for a while in the garden. I was able to show him how the compost heap was steaming, and explained the processes going on inside it. We have a posted on the wall in our "schoolroom" (the dining room!) from the "Life in the Undergrowth" series that David Attenborough did on the BBC last year. We've also got a great teachers pack about composting.

Ds2 also did another half an hour on the typing site, without having been asked. Other than that, they've spent the day playing very nicely together, all three boys, with a game involving great duplo creations ranging across the whole of the downstairs of the house.

Ds3 has been having fun on the Starfall site, learning his ABC. He loves sitting at the computer, with the headphones on, repeating all the sounds and words out loud.

I think it will be an early night for me, as I had little sleep last night. Somehow, despite having been physically in bed for 9 hours, I only managed just under 6 hours of sleep. It didn't help being woken twice by ds3, once by ds1, and once by dh coming in from work at 2am.


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