Friday, January 27, 2006

To snow, or not to Snow

Our weather here really doesn't know what to do with itself. Just as I go to yell out to the boys "it's snowing", it stops!

Both boys managed nearly and hour and a half of self-chosen learning today, which was fabulous. Ds 1 (J) helped make dinner, whilst having a little cookery lesson too.

We had friends from our home education support group over in the afternoon, with the dad and I taking a chance to share some ideas for new activities for the group in the spring.

I've managed to do quite a lot of cooking today, which always calms me down.

Yesterday, I'd make potato and celeriac mash, saving the water to then casserole some vegetables in. In turn, I saved THAT water as vegetable stock which today I used to make minestrone soup with. I love that sort of frugal cooking, and I love knowing that even the vegetable peelings serve, by going into the compost.

I'm expecting the first of the Flats to arrive soon for us to host, which hopefully will spark the children's interest, even ds3 (W), as a Dora & Boots Flat is apparently coming to stay, and Dora is one of W's favourites!

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